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You can see it well: Delware Company is behind a cookie wall. We do not because we make cookies intrude on your privacy. We go behind the wall because the law about cookies is so complex and contradictory that it is the only viable and affordable solution to meet the law.

At Delware Company you can find functional, analytical and advertising cookies. Functional Cookies ensure that the site is working properly. Think of cookies for our search. Analytical cookies we understand how you use our website / shop. Those insights, we will incorporate improvements to our website. Analytical cookies make a minimal intrusion on your privacy. Advertising Cookies track how often hits promotional content and prevent you often see the same ad, and make sure that you do not see those ads that you do not want to see. Advertisers and third parties may use cookies to develop a visitor profile, such as does YouTube via embedded videos. We prefer not to, but unfortunately we have no influence on what those parties do with their cookies.

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to share it or ask us.